Food & Fireworks At Radio Milano


As I’ve gotten older, the meaning of Independence Day has changed drastically for me. Given the history of African-Americans in this country and when we actually became “independent”, I no longer see it fitting for me to celebrate the holiday. At this point in my life, the 4th of July is no more than my little cousin’s birthday and a day to indulge in the best food (preferably BBQ) that you can find. These things said, I had no plans for the holiday. Luckily my friend in fashion, Shasie of Live Life in Style, invited me to a relaxing stay at Hotel Sorella City Centre for the Go Houston Blogger Staycation.

On July 4th, we arrived at the hotel, took our things to our room and then headed straight down to the outdoor pool. The pool area was very intimate and had a few cabanas for guests on a first come, first serve basis. After finally securing a cabana, Shasie and I got comfy and that's when the VIP treatment started! We enjoyed a few rounds of poptinis (martinis with a frozen popsicles inside) and cocktails as well as what we thought would be "light bites" from Monna Lisa Bar . The drinks were tasty and refreshing. The lite bites were anything but “light”. They were generous full sized portions and the variety of dishes was amazing. There were tons of other people at the pool and given how hot the weather was, it was a perfect place to be.

After spending most of the day at the pool, we decided to go freshen up before heading to Radio Milano for the extended festivities. At Radio Milano, there was a full outside grill going with hot dogs, burgers, turkey legs, and other options for purchase that are typical of a 4th of July celebration. We chose to sit outside on the patio and enjoy more food and drinks. I had the turkey leg which was huge and filling. I ordered a drink from the bar and while I don't remember the name, I do remember that they did not skimp on the alcohol! I was on autopilot for the rest of the evening.

When done at Radio Milano, we walked around the immediate area for a while. There were so many people there and it was pretty crowded. Despite there being a live band and many people to mingle with, we both agreed we would feel better watching the fireworks from our room. Somehow, the photos I took of the room and fireworks got deleted but it was really pretty. The beds were extremely comfortable, the decor was modern and it was roomy. The fireworks were a nice exclamation point to end the day of luxuriating.

Here are a some takeaways I got from my holiday staycation at Hotel Sorella. If visiting during a holiday, ARRIVE EARLY! The area will be very busy and congested. There were lots of families, couples, and friends enjoying all that was going on that day. If you are looking for solitude, this might not be the best time to come. But if you're looking for a fun, yet laid-back stay, this is the perfect place for you. The are tons of great shops, restaurants, and bars in the immediate area to enjoy. Do you have a favorite hotel in your city that you'd suggest to others? Please leave it in the comments to help your fellow accomplice. Ciao!