Hotel Review: Zabeel House Mini, Dubai


While most people were planning their Thanksgiving menus and preparing their homes to greet holiday visitors, I was on my way to the UAE for a week long, “early birthday” vacation. I had the privilege of staying in two different hotels while I was in Dubai and one of them just happened to be featured in Travel & Leisure magazine. It was such an amazing coincidence (and proof that I have taste, haha) that I wanted to share my personal thoughts on what’s so great about the Zabeel House Mini.

Originally I had a reservation at another hotel because I was splitting my week between two friends. But when the friend that was coming for the first half of the trip canceled, I started looking for an affordable, safe, and clean hotels to stay in alone. Although the Zabeel House Mini was further out of my target area than the previous one, I thought it was a great place to experience “old dubai” and lots of the historical sites. When I stumbled across the pictures online, I thought to myself “I’ve never stayed in a place like this before. Do something different!”. And that’s exactly what I did.

“Sometimes the greatest meals/vacations are the ones you find when plan a falls through”. this could not have been more fitting. god really sends me assurance.

“Sometimes the greatest meals/vacations are the ones you find when plan a falls through”. this could not have been more fitting. god really sends me assurance.

The Zabeel House Mini is the most casual and affordable hotel of the three hotels in the Jumeriah Group. For a 4 night stay, I paid a total of $354.75. That includes the hotel booking and the foreign exchange fee charged by my bank. The hotel was bright and colorful with a playful vibe. From the motivational messages all over the walls to the life-sized figurines, this hotel is anything but typical. If you’re looking for something “instagrammable”, this is definitely the place for you. The staff is AMAZING. Diverse in background, these were some of the friendliest people I’ve encountered at a hotel. My every need was met with a smile and with a sense of urgency. I ordered breakfast from room service every day that I was there and the food was delicious. One day on my way back in, I decided to sit down and have lunch at one of the onsite restaurants called MishMash. My meal was fresh and tasty.

The rooms are clean, creative, and different than anything I have ever seen. My room featured a map of Old Dubai on the ceiling, bright red decor, a view of the courtyard, and a big comfy bed. The wifi connection was strong and consistent. One of my favorite features of my room was being able to control everything in the room and order room service by tablet. How many times have you gotten in the bed and lost the tv remote or forgot to turn the lights off? The tablet made sure I could do all of that and more from the comfort of my bed. Make sure you keep an eye out on my Instagram for a video of the room.

The hotel has a rooftop pool overlooking the marina and surrounding area that would be perfect for a small party with friends. Complete with outdoor showers and a nearby gym, the pool is a must given how hot Dubai is. The hotel is walking distance to Boxpark which is branded as a “lifestyle hub for like-minded people who love food, fashion, homeware, and art”. It’s also walking distance from the Burjuman line of the Dubai Metro Station and more local restaurants/shops. A short uber ride away are some of the historical museums and souks that are authentic to the area.

Overall my trip to Dubai was AMAZING! This hotel blew all of my expectations out of the water while keeping my budget in tact. I would definitely recommend staying at this hotel. I personally cannot wait to return. Have any of you been to Dubai? Where did you stay? Did you enjoy this post? Please leave your comments below and thank you for reading!