photos by  c. dixon photos

photos by c. dixon photos

As I scroll through the feeds of my many social media accounts I notice one constant: Labels. And I’m not referring to the designers we wear. So many of us subscribe to groups, memberships, clubs etc. We soon become deduced to our ethnicity, relationship status, sexual orientation, or our occupation instead of the person we are inside. 

Not all labels are bad or offensive though. Blogger, Socialite, and Style Curator are labels that come to mind if I had to sum up my blogging persona. Although there is certainly more to me, these labels are what people often attribute to me.  After all, I wrote what you’re reading, I sometimes attend very fab events, and my personal style is very important to me. Being different things to different people is the story of my life. I know many of you can relate.


We are entrepreneurs, activists, mothers, sisters, friends, confidantes, influencers, tastemakers, feminists and much more. I used to call myself a label whore, of course referring to designers. But a couple of years into my 30’s, the previously mentioned labels are far more important. I was once told, “It’s not what they call you, but what you answer to”. I am proud to answer to all of the labels I carry and all of the ones I will acquire in the future. What labels do you answer to?


Outfit Details Blazer: Primark Tee: My Own Skirt: J. Crew Pumps: ‘Fravel’ by Aldo Shoes